Kelsey’s Film & Photo Studio

Kelsey Lee is trained in electronic media, photography and filmmaking. A skilled director and producer, she can take your project from the idea phase to final production. Her skills and creativity behind the camera allow her to help other entrepreneurs grow profitable, passionate, authentic businesses with her services. Her down-to-Earth nature and INTJ personality provides  her the ability to keenly capture people, products and locations. Let Kelsey elevate your vision with a unique look and authentic voice.

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Digital Photography Commissions:  Portraits, Graduation photos, Infant/Toddler photos, and Product/Location shoots.

Film Commissions:  Pre-production consultation, Filming, Editing, and Post-production wrap-up.

Social Distancing Prices

Filming services starting at $100/day

Film editing services starting at $150/day

Photography services starting at $75.00

Photography editing services starting at $75.00

Graduation Package (Photos, Invitation & Announcement) starting at $75.00

Promotional product photos  starting at $75.00

Virtual Gallery & Online Store

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Stock photos & video can be purchased at Dreamstime

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Contact Kelsey

E-mail Kelsey for a 30-minute consultation at:

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