Things we are working on: Kelsey video/ Photo assignmetns

As seen in on our social media, Kelsey will be doing a weekly Video/ Photo assignment to keep herself in a creative mind and to break from the daily admin work. We will be posting the prompts and themes a month at a time for those who want to do them with Kelsey. If you want to post and share your own videos or photos you can tag us @happyaccidentsmp on Instagram and/ or use the #haweeklyassignments. We would love to see your own take on these prompts!

The images will be posted every Sunday starting June 6th 2021. We will keep this going for the rest of the year.

For the month of June to do a jolt in forcing the creativity the theme is;

“Use one Lens a month: the least used lens”

May 30 to June 5: Shallow DoF

June 6 to June 12: Line

June 13 to June 19: Repeating

June 20 to June 26: Negative Space

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