Music Department Update 05/01/20

Hey All!

First off, I would like to say I hope you are all staying safe and are doing alright in this lock down. for some states I know that they are opening up again today. Just try to stay safe with what you do!

I have posted the new video today. it is a combination of two songs that always belonged together. the two songs are Only Just Begun and Sad Dad Rad Dad. The song is about finally getting over a serious relationship and being ready to move on to new relationships. It Is off my album We Had a Good Time, Didn’t We?.

In terms of writing I am finishing a new song I am really enjoying singing. It is another love song. I also found a writing partner to bounce ideas off of for the screenplays i am trying to write. I am super excited and you probably won’t get a glimpse of what it is until it starts going into production. It will most likely be a musical.

I am starting another podcast. If you did not know, I started a podcast called Top Shelf. We drank alcohol and talked random topics. Some complications happened to where we have not been able to record more than 2 episodes. This new podcast will probably be based more around world happenings and reviewing local music, videos, and also some more main stream music as well. We are still working out the kinks. I will post on the website and link it on our Facebook and Instagram when we release it which should happen relatively soon, so look out for that.

Lastly I am Reminding you that I have a Fiverr that you can hire me through. i can make beats, instrumentals, mix and master music for you. If you can think of something you need done that is very similar just let me know and we’ll work out a price.

Have a great weekend!

Urian-Music Department

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