31 Day Photo Challenge Review

Hey peeps! Just doing a review on my 31 day photo challenge.

It was nice to have a focus for the photos I was taking everyday, and I am glad I picked the month of May to do this challenge because June was full of paper work and running around that I don’t think I would have been able to take photo’s, edit, vlog and upload like I did in May. I even got really busy at the tail end of May as well, hence all the late vlogs.

Now I don’t intend on being a major “influencer” with these vlogs, their main purpose is to try new editing skills I am learning and keep my filming fresh. So hopefully there will be an improvement in my editing and film making that people will notice.

So if you want to see the photos I have taken in the May 31 day Photo challenge check out the Playlist on the YouTube channel. Also I started placing the runner ups to the selected photos in the vlogs if you want to check out what didn’t make it to the deviant art posts.

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