May 31 Photo Challenge

This month to keep the photo skills in focus (wink) our film/ photo department (Kelsey Lee) will be doing a 31 Photo Challenge. She will take at least 1 photo a day or the month of May with a specific theme, composition, genre, or lighting technique.

The rules are she will be taking a photo that day of the topic by the day number. She must upload an edited version of that photo before the end of that night, and will be doing a weekly video review of the challenge on YouTube.

She will be posting the dailies on her Deviant Art page at, and you can see the weekly collages on our Instagram page at @happyaccidentsmp.

Will post the new videos as they come out but you can subscribe to Happy Accidents! Media Production on You Tube.

1st Video is here

2nd Video is here

3rd Video is here

4th Video is here

If you want to try the 31 Day Photo Challenge the image below has the prompt for each day.

Just a quick note CU means Close up, and Wide means a wide shot, and BW means black and white, in case anyone was unsure.


photo challenge may update

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