Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I know we do not post as much as we should, but we are trying to work out the kinks with doing what we love and out daily jobs.

The past year was full of experiences and new projects that we hope to continue and carry with us into this year.

The Old Highway 89 Artwalk was one of those experiences, we have analysed what worked, what didn’t and what we can improve on to make the one we throw this year even better so keep an eye out for those updates.

Also, I know I said we were going to be posting more content, this time I really mean it. With more thought out projects and working with other people to help us stay on track we will be posting more.

We are currently accepting commission work in all our departments so if you have any projects that need film crew, photos taken, music written or recorded, or images illustrated, graphics designed contact us! We want to help your vision come true!

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